EUC Licensing Simplified – VMware Horizon

VMware Horizon has undergone a LOT of changes in version 8. Some of the older technologies have been EOL’d, so say goodbye to Composer and Persona Manager. With this change though, some of the previously Enterprise features have now dropped into Standard, meaning that Instant Clones and some features of Dynamic Environment Manager are now available for all.

There are some notable omissions too; vROPs for Horizon is no more, with instead a new partnership announced with ControlUP.

Also, perpetual licensing is being phased out in favour of subscription. The below graphic calls out Term & Universal licensing, the two main methods for licensing Horizon 8. Universal also includes the ability to use Horizon Cloud on Azure, Horizon Cloud on Azure VMware Solution, Horizon Cloud on VMC on AWS and Horizon Cloud on Google Cloud VMware Engine.

As always, if you want the animated Powerpoint version of this, give me a shout!