The tech industry’s big secret

We’ve been told for almost 30 years that we need to reduce our power consumption in order to be sustainable. That’s not true. Why? Watch this video to find out:

We need to talk about SASE

I don’t know about you, but this whole SASE and SD-WAN thing has got me pretty confused. What is it? What does it do? Don’t we do this already? And what’s it got to do with End User Computing? It seems like everyone has got an SD-WAN story and a SASE story, but either there’s […]

What is VMware’s take on Digital Employee Experience Management?

We all know that VMware has a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for End User Computing. One of the hottest topics right now is Digital Employee Experience Management, variously called DEX or DEEM. VMware hasn’t really communicated much about DEEM, so I sat down with Spencer Pitts to get his view on the capabilities in WSONE […]

Microsoft has just defined the ‘Personal Workspace’

Summary Windows 11 and Microsoft365 is Digital Workspace+. A Digital Workspace is an aggregation of multiple tools and services into a single pane. MS have just accomplished this with a prettier OS and VDI for everyone. A journey of realisation A couple of months ago, I wrote a blog post stating that VDI does not […]

How to manage other people’s devices

Ever since BYO became a ‘thing’ back in around 2008, the subject of managing BYO devices has been a thorny one. When it comes to corporately owned mobile devices, the answer is pretty simply: manage the thing. Put an agent on it, manage the device, the applications and the data. If you want to allow […]

What to expect from Windows 11

There are a lot of rumours coming out of Redmond right now. What we’re seeing is the convergence of lots of different strands of Microsoft’s future Windows strategy: Windows 11, 10X, Deschuttes (Cloud PC). In the absence of facts, and my general impatience for all the announcements coming on the 24th, here are my thoughts […]

Just enough OS to perform

Yep, this seems like a strange title. I’ve actually taken it from the title of the band Stereophonic’s 3rd studio album ‘Just enough education to perform’. Give it a listen. Back to the operating system. Did you know that there’s a concept in Operating System thinking called ‘Just Enough OS’, or JeOS? You can check […]

A new way of understanding EUC for the 2020s

Remember back when End User Computing was just about which version of Windows you had installed on your PCs? That seems so long ago now. But even then we (the EUC industry, not the ‘Royal We’) complained that it was pretty tough. Back then, if we were going to draw a diagram of EUC, we’d […]

Surely IGEL OS is only useful on the LAN?

That’s what I thought too. When I had my initial chat with the team at IGEL, my though process was very much that IGEL wasn’t relevant due to the pandemic. That’s a Thin Client OS, right? Turns out I was wrong (very rarely happens). In fact, IGEL had one of its best years ever when […]