Arm you say? Running IGEL OS? With Workspace ONE??


My view (stated probably too much in this blog) is that our job in EUC is to make tech as invisible as possible for the end user. For too long, humans have had to put up with fat, bloated operating systems sitting on awesomely powerful devices, simply to get access to what actually amounts to low resource-intensive apps.

A lot of the time these days, these apps aren’t even doing a great deal locally, as most of the processing is done in the ‘cloud’.

The Digital Workspace is one such cloud-enabled solution to getting access to apps and services. What if we could almost dispense with the requirements at the user-side (User-End Computing? I think I’ll trademark that)? Well, we can, by shrinking the OS and the device to its bare minimum.

Introducing VMware Workspace ONE running on IGEL OS on a Raspberry Pi 4-based NComputing RX420(IGEL) device: